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About Us

Anyone who says there’s no live music in Vancouver just doesn’t know where to look….just like myself not that very long ago!!

For me, this site is a Labour of Love.  The love of all types of music…..Blues, Classic Rock, R&B, Motown, Funk, Soul and Irish music…

All the fun, affordable (or free!) live music is listed in date order and in proximity order under the “Events” tab.

About myself…. I am a retired person who’s spending my “volunteer time” finding, listing and sharing fun, live music events in Vancouver that are Not Too Loud, Not Too Late, music that makes me feel still ALIVE and want to dance….

I truly believe there are a lot of people, like me, who would go out to live music more often, maybe even more nights than not like I do now, if it was easier to find out about what’s happening…without necessarily knowing all the musicians’ names.

If I’m not sharing an existing events,, I like to describe events so the average person who’s not music knowledgeable can get a sense of what they’ll hear.

Before I started following the various posts of the artists and venues I discovered (often by word of mouth), I just “googled” live music in Vancouver. Unfortunately though,  Google only gave me the ve ticketed events and enormous directories of musicians whose names I didn’t recognize, usually playing music late at night, in crowded loud venues catering to a younger crowd.


Live Music in Vancouver

Chris Newton at the Ivanhoe

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